Webinars? More Like Sellinars!

my photoI’ve all but given up on attending webinars. By and large, they are mainly used to try to sell me a high-priced program. All this malarkey telling you that you must attend in person, and stay until the end to receive something exasperates me.

I was recently “invited” to a webinar after I had purchased a product. It was the first thing at the top of the download/access page with instructions that it was a “must-attend” function. Apparently, I would miss out on some highly valuable knowledge if I didn’t attend. There was to be no recording, so I would have to attend the live function. As it was scheduled for 2 am local time, needless to say, I was tucked up in bed. I guessed it was a thinly disguised attempt to sell me something, so I went to bed instead.

I received several emails leading up to the webinar, each stressing that I must attend the live event because there would not be a recording. However, if, as I suspected, it was a sellathon, then I knew the organizer would find a way to repeat the information.

And I was right. The day after the webinar I received an email giving a bunch of excuses why a lot of people couldn’t attend the webinar for one reason or another, so he had recorded a mini-presentation that would summarize the live performance. Sure enough, it ended with a membership of sorts being presented that had a price tag of just under $2k. In actual fact, it was a very good offer, although there was no way that I could have afforded it.

Within a day or so a further offer of the payment split into two instalments was made. “But get in quick, because spots are filling up fast!”

Do these people think we are all idiots that can’t see through these ploys? Why can’t they just offer to spell out the new offer, without going through all the subterfuge? I, for one, would be more likely to attend an honestly advertised presentation.

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