$283.12 P/d Self Selling System (No Cost Today)

RE: An extra 505.82 in 4 days for 20 mins work. Or 283.12 in 1 day! Created for anyone who’d like to make a little extra each week without learning new skills and without cost… Question? Do you know what affiliate marketing is, and how it works? If you said yes, then I bet you […]

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Kickstart Newsletter

Recommended Newsletters

There is currently only one newsletter that I recommend as being worth your time to read. The Kickstart Newsletter, is published by Martin Avis. I have been a subscriber to Martin’s newsletter for more years than I care to remember. I think what endears a lot of his subscribers to him is that he includes […]

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man holding a sign reading failure

My Failure is to Your Benefit

I recently attempted to sell 2 courses via WarriorPlus, but the attempt was a total flop. Something that I thought a lot of people would be jumping all over attracted no sales at all. When I had finished crying into my beer, I decided to do something constructive with them – give them away. So […]

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Webinars? More Like Sellinars!

I’ve all but given up on attending webinars. By and large, they are mainly used to try to sell me a high-priced program. All this malarkey telling you that you must attend in person, and stay until the end to receive something exasperates me. I was recently “invited” to a webinar after I had purchased […]

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